Advice and Questions

I have written this blog for my children but as they are both a bit young to be reading it yet (i.e.under 30) I would like it if others could read my advice (and my answers to imaginary questions) and maybe help me shape that advice further with their own suggestions or examples of family issues.

I should point out, as per the disclaimer page, that this is only half-arsed motherly ranting with good intentions and should not be taken as professional instruction.

About The Author

Obviously I can’t use my real name here because the family members I am making fun of will know this is about them.  Pseudonym?  Nah, you can simply call me Not Werewolves or Just Hairy, or “Oi You”, whatever you like.

It might not be for ever anyway as you (my children) know I’ve written this and you are both a bit chatty with secrets so it’s probably a ticking time-bomb anyway (but frankly I couldn’t afford illustrators and you’re prepared to work for free!)

Thank you for helping me complete this family tree illustration.  Sorry for labelling you Thing 1 and Thing 2 but it’s for anonymity rather than to dehumanise you.