When to Make a Noise

Boss “And that’s your appraisal today unless you’d like to add anyth-“ Woman “Just put “and she’s fabulous at everything she does”.

I think it’s safe to assume, from the way you often wander past me hours after your bedtime, that I have already succeeded in teaching you, Thing one, when to stay quiet.

Eldest son saunters past Mum in dressing gown, he is whistling and has a plate of snacks. The clock shows it is almost midnight.

However for the benefit of Thing 2, I should probably reiterate, if the authority figure hasn’t noticed a missed deadline, that is a good time to stay quiet. 

Youngest son drumming and singing “It’s the final countdown d-d-der-der!” and Mum looks cross and shouts “Annnd that’s BEDTIME!!!”

What I really want to talk about is when to make a NOISE.  Just to be clear, I’m not talking about some magical time of day where you can chase each other around the house screaming and smashing things without me yelling:

Mum screaming “Shut up and stop chasing each other I haven’t got time for A&E today!!!”

I am talking about the times when it IS a good idea to draw attention to yourself.  One good example of this would be when you have completed an arduous task at work.

I don’t mean you should stand on your chair and announce your brilliance to the office, no-one likes that guy, BUT you do need to make people aware of your hard work because often when you do a job well you make it look TOO easy.

Wonder Woman is happily juggling tonnes of paperwork into an Out tray

I have a wonderfully efficient and diligent colleague at work, who quietly solves all kinds of messes, and ploughs through swathes of unpleasant work, but she doesn’t get half the credit she deserves – whereas I, filter-less complainer that I am, make sure that everyone in the office knows of even the smallest hurdles I have jumped.

Smug woman saying “...And then the printer wasn’t even plugged in so I had to do that too!” Colleagues applaud enthusiastically.

In an ideal world, my diligent colleague’s way would be the correct way to behave; it certainly is admirable to quietly work wonders expecting no recognition BUT the problem is that it literally ISN’T recognised, and instead of reward you simply get more of the same.

Wonder Woman unhappily juggling paperwork with a large bundle of paperwork being hurled in her direction whilst someone shouts “Catch!”

This brings me neatly to my final point, the other time it’s important to make some noise is when you do spot someone quietly doing something amazing. 

Tell amazing people how amazing they are, and why.  Let the quiet heroes know their fabulousness has been noticed, even if it’s only by you for now. 

Hopefully one day it will put the world back to how it should be, where filter-less complainers like me don’t get all the glory.

4 thoughts on “When to Make a Noise”

  1. I completely agree! A couple weeks ago I posted a blurb on Facebook about our crossing guard and how great she is with all the little things she does for the kids – that got more likes than any other post! I realized many people feel the same way and going to take up an end of year collection for her. I had thought about doing that on a regular basis and this was a great reminder. Maybe even a blog post … I will link back here. Thinking out loud! ❤️🙏🏼

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