Learn What You Love

Woman 1: What’s That?! Woman holding a box labelled “Sense of Purpose” with a question mark: I don’t know! I’m not even sure it’s mine!

It can sometimes seem as though everyone around you has found their passion, or purpose in life, whilst yours remains mysterious and intangible.

This is NORMAL and it’s something most people go through at some point in their lives.  Not everyone has a dream, nor is it imperative that they find one.

Man screaming “Have you seen my passion in life?! ...ANYONE!!!” Boy handing him cake “Is this it?”

Some people seem to be born with a passion for a specific goal.  Perhaps they have a rare or exceptional talent, or perhaps they were simply at the front of the queue when drive and determination were given out.

Baby: Mother, I wish to be a concert pianist. Mum looking at the Bon-Tempi: I’d better get saving then.

Most people are not this lucky and will spend a significant amount of time trekking down many different paths, still unsure if they actually want to reach the end of ANY of them.

Many people berate themselves for not madly loving anything in particular, but that is terribly unfair, what if the thing you will love is something that you haven’t even tried yet?  How then could you possibly be expected to know whether you love it or not?

It would take a lifetime to try ALL of the things you haven’t tried yet, and honestly, some things are probably left untried for a reason…

Upside down in skis falling off a mountain – Ohhhh yeah, this is why I don’t skiiiiiiii!

So if you want to find out what you love, start with what you like.  (If you aren’t sure what you like, start by ruling out what you hate.) 

Practice what you LIKE, to discover what you LOVE

For example, if you quite like drawing, or doodling even, practice it.  Do a little bit of drawing every day.  This will help you improve, and most activities are more fun the better you get at them.

Experiment; try cartoons, still life, oil paints, computer animation, dried pasta and glitter, whatever the hell you like, as long as you try it and have fun.  Also, be kind to yourself about the results – this is your first go, you won’t produce a Rembrandt.

Dad baking and splattering stuff everywhere – Mum: What are you making? ...Aside from a mess? Dad: I don’t know yet, but this is FUN!

You Don’t Have to Have a Dream!

Most importantly, please remember that you don’t HAVE to have a passion at all; it’s not compulsory. 

You don’t need to have one big dream, as Tim Minchin said best in his wonderful 9 life lessons speech, you can have lots of little dreams, or as he calls them “micro-ambitions”.

Don’t Have A Dream by Tim Minchin “Don’t have a dream. Do things well and pursue things that seem interesting. Practice passionate dedication to the pursuit of short term goals. Be micro-ambitious. Put your head down and work with pride on whatever is in front of you, as you never know where it is going to lead.”

(If you want to view Tim Minchin’s full speech click on the above picture.)

So in summary, you don’t have to have an all-encompassing passion in life.  There is nothing wrong with pootling along aimlessly like the rest of us, but if you do want to look for one, the best way is to practice stuff you like, to discover what you love.


3 thoughts on “Learn What You Love”

  1. Great post! Too many people are too afraid to try new things or have the courage to learn how to be better at things they already enjoy. You are right- it doesn’t have to be a passion, but if it is enjoyable, it should be pursued… and who knows, maybe it could become a passion? 😁

    1. Absolutely, I think I was at least 30-something years old before I realised I could enjoy a hobby more if I put some work into getting better at it. …or maybe 40-something.

  2. I couldn’t agree more! Maybe it’s simply to be a mom or just to be a good person! I didn’t know until I was 50 that maybe writing was my thing.

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