Be Kind and Still Kick-Ass

Now this might seem a bit rich coming from someone who has ostensibly set up this blog to slag off family members, but it’s secondary purpose was always to impart important advice, so here goes; be kind and you can still kick ass.

Being kind increases the amount of good in the world.  If you learn nothing else from Star Wars (which would be sacrilege by the way, because it’s full of useful lessons) at least learn that empowering the good side of the force really does mess things up for the bad guys. 

We have done our best as parents to shelter you from the true horrors of the world, so it might come as a bit of a surprise to find out that the world isn’t always a kind place.  In all honesty, it’s actually a bit unpleasant sometimes. 

Many people are going through traumas you aren’t aware of because they don’t talk about them.  If you are kind to as many people as possible, even those who appear grumpy and rude, you will be helping people through tough times without even realising it.   

Now I’m not talking Secret-Millionaire-level kind – we don’t have anywhere near the funding for that (unless McDonalds straws and odd socks ever become legal tender) simply a kind word or a gesture, here and there, is enough to turn someone’s day around and power up ‘The Force’.  Simply telling people why you think they are fantastic will do it.

Still Kick-Ass When Necessary

Being kind doesn’t mean being a pushover.  The kindest people I know are also the strongest people I know. 

Daddy is super-kind to almost everyone he meets, but God help anyone that drops litter in front of him, …or forgets to say please or thank you. 

I have a lovely colleague at work, who goes out of her way to help customers and colleagues alike.  Always friendly and kind, she’s a dainty, petite, softly-spoken Diana Prince most of the time, but if you try to occupy the meeting room that she has already booked, she will Wonder Woman your ass out of there before you can splutter “Blue-sky thinking”.

Auntie Kate is always helping out other people, running errands for them, looking after their kids, but if you were to say, take her T-shirt without asking, and wear it in front of her whilst dancing around her singing “I-got-your-t-shirt, I-got-your-t-shirt”, I can promise you, she’ll break your God-damn nose. 

I probably did deserve that one though, with hindsight. 

…Perhaps, I should have been kind instead.

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